Aprobacións / Endorsements

Supporters and Friends of the Vendors Association

Congressman Danny Davis7th Illinois Congressional District

Alderman Bob Fioretti2nd Ward, Chicago

Carlos Arango — Executive Director, Casa Aztlán

Eric Rodriguez — Executive Director, Latino Union of Chicago/Union Latina de Chicago

Preservation Commmittee of the St. Francis of Assisi Church (Roosevelt
and Newberry)

Chicago Political Economy Group

8th Day Center for Justice

Ken BensonMember of the Board of the Maxwell Street Foundation and
the South Loop Historical Society

Lowreen LewisMember of the Board of the Windy City Blues Society,
member of the “Low-reen and the Maxwell Street Market Blues Band,” and
operator of “Low-reen’s Live Blues Jams”

Dr. Bruce KraigProfessor Emeritus at Roosevelt University, Adjunct
Professor at Kendall College Culinary School, Food Commenator for the
History and Discovery Channels and BBC News, and author of Man Bites
Dog, Hot Dog Culture in America.

Joyce Selandermarket trader, author of Joyce, Queen of the Mountain:
Female Courage and Hand-To-Hand Combat in the World’s Largest Money Pit

Sean BasinskiDirector of the Street Vendor Project, Urban Justice
Center, NYC

Peter PeroAuthor, Urban Researcher, Teacher in the 25th Ward

Professor Mike BoruchDePaul University

Professor Steve BalkinRoosevelt University

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