Chicago Journal Front Page Features Vendors Association

The Chicago Journal has put our concerns on it’s front page, quoting President Dave Petty and Peter Pero among others.

The Maxwell Street Market is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, marking a century since it was founded on Halsted Street and given a name in 1912.

But walking through the market today, you won’t find too many vendors celebrating the occasion — most of them are too busy trying to sell enough stuff to make ends meet.

Many say it’s become increasingly hard over the years as the city’s fees have increased and the market has changed locations from its namesake home to Canal Street and now to Desplaines Street.

Now, a new requirement from the city is looming, and many in the marketplace fear it’ll push the market further towards extinction.

Starting in 2013, the city will require each vendor at the market to carry a $1 million insurance policy. The city said it protects taxpayers against unnecessary risk. Market advocates say it’s an unreasonable fee that could finally make it unfeasible for vendors to sell at Maxwell.

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