Viernes Reunión / Meeting Friday


¿Dificultades comprando seguro? ¿Demasiadas multas? ¿Demasiados gastos?

Colaboramos para que nuestras voces sean escuchadas.
¡En solidaridad somos fuertes!
El congresista Danny Davis y el alderman Robert Fioretti nos apoyan.

Reunión a las 7 PM el viernes, 7 de Septiembre
Powell’s Bookstore
1218 S. Halsted (Halsted y Roosevelt)
Estacionamiento $ 2 para 2,5 horas en el garaje de la UIC (Maxwell y Unión).

No podemos esperar – ¡tenemos que actuar!
Sin miembros, no hay progreso.

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Can’t Buy Insurance? Too many fines? Too many fees?

Together our voices are heard. In solidarity we are strong.
Congressman Danny Davis and Alderman Fioretti support us.

Meeting at 7pm on Friday, September 7th
Powell’s Bookstore
1218 S Halsted (Halsted and Roosevelt)

$2 Parking for 2.5 hours at UIC garage (Maxwell and Union)

We can’t wait — we have to act!
We need people or we will fail.

Chicago Journal Front Page Features Vendors Association

The Chicago Journal has put our concerns on it’s front page, quoting President Dave Petty and Peter Pero among others.

The Maxwell Street Market is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, marking a century since it was founded on Halsted Street and given a name in 1912.

But walking through the market today, you won’t find too many vendors celebrating the occasion — most of them are too busy trying to sell enough stuff to make ends meet.

Many say it’s become increasingly hard over the years as the city’s fees have increased and the market has changed locations from its namesake home to Canal Street and now to Desplaines Street.

Now, a new requirement from the city is looming, and many in the marketplace fear it’ll push the market further towards extinction.

Starting in 2013, the city will require each vendor at the market to carry a $1 million insurance policy. The city said it protects taxpayers against unnecessary risk. Market advocates say it’s an unreasonable fee that could finally make it unfeasible for vendors to sell at Maxwell.

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Vendors Try to Save the New Maxwell Street Market


Faced with too high fees, too many regulations, too many empty spaces, and too much abuse, the vendors at the City run New Maxwell Street Market have formed the El Maxwell Street Market Asociación de Vendedores (also called the Maxwell Street Market Vendors Association) in the hope of stopping the steep downward decline of the Market. Most of the vendors and shoppers are Mexican immigrants and working class African-Americans. The Market size went from 1200 vendors in the early 1990s, to 500 in 1994 on Canal Street, to less than 100 today on DesPlaines St. and continuing falling every month.

Roosevelt University Professor of Economics Steve Balkin says, “This drop in market size and number of customers is NOT because of the jobs recession. It is because the Market has become the General Motors of outdoor markets – too costly – too inefficient – bad management. The Market is not run by people with significant retail experience; nor by people who are bilingual. The Market is run by English-only speaking City bureaucrats and regulators who know nothing of the bottom line; nor about Mexican culture; nor about grassroots community markets.”

Enrique Aurgueta, Vice President of El Maxwell Street Market Asociación de Vendedores (Maxwell Street Market Vendors Association), says, “We are being squeezed to death. The big decline started when the Market was moved to Desplaines St. with fewer vendor spaces. Then vendor fees were doubled to pay for the City’s Jumping Jack’s Program; then parking for vendors and shoppers was taken away. Now the City wants to increase our fees again to cost-shift their insurance expenses on to us. We are paying more but getting less services compared to similar outdoor Markets such as Swap-A-Rama on Ashland and the Rosemont Market.”

But wait, there’s more!

Beachwood Reporter

Steve fue publicado en “The Beachwood Reporter”. | Steve was published in “The Beachwood Reporter”.

The Maxwell Street Market Vendors Association Wants You To Like Them
By Steve Balkin

The New Maxwell Street Market, on Desplaines Avenue between Roosevelt and Polk, has been in decline for several years; fewer vendors and fewer shoppers.

Once the largest open-air market in Chicago, it had 1,200 vendors in 1994 in its original location. Now, on Desplaines, it has less than 100.

This has been caused by higher vendor fees; unnecessary expensive regulations, out of line with other outdoor markets in Chicagoland; city management unfriendly to the vendors; and city management disinterested in stemming the downward trend.

But the vendors have come to the rescue of the Market and formed the Maxwell Street Market Vendors Association….

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Resultados de la Reunión / Meeting Results

En la reunión del 03 de agosto, 40 personas presentes:

  • Elección de Funcionarios
  • Establezca la fecha para las elecciones futuras
  • Representantes designados de la ciudad
  • Voluntariado para tareas inmediatas
  • Establecer objetivos de la organización
  • Quejas comentados
  • Adquiridos los fondos iniciales

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

At the August 3rd Meeting, 40 persons present:

  • Election of Officers
  • Set date for future elections
  • Nominated representatives to city
  • Volunteered for immediate tasks
  • Set organizational goals
  • Discussed grievances
  • Collected seed funds